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Image by Boris  Smokrovic

"Why fight water content to improve shelf life and product quality ?
Simply remove it with DryBox and see the magic ! "

Future Opportunities

Dehydration is expected to become a $38B USD market worldwide and India being the second-largest producers of Fruits and Vegetables has a very bright future. 

India produces a wide range of fruits, vegetables and spices. We are even blessed with a very long shoreline with a wide range of sea products. In addition, each region has its speciality recipes such as Masala, Papad, Kurdai, Sandgi Mirchi, etc where DryBox technology can be implemented for faster and hygienic production.

Considering India's population, food requirements within the country are never-ending, and if you tap exports, that will be a bonus. The possibilities are endless. 

Anyone who wants to start a food processing business with low initial investment without getting into farming can get a jump-start. Moreover, the machine has a very small footprint, less power consumption and can run on a single-phase connection, which enables anyone to start a business from their homes.

DryBox presents an ideal opportunity for women entrepreneurs who wish to start a home-based business. There are ample Bank and Government schemes that support woman entrepreneurs at easy EMI, low-interest rates and even subsidies.

To transform your business ideas faster we also guide you with Branding and the right Packing and Marketing on various eCommerce platforms.

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